MO: Motivation for a Tobacco-Free You

MO: Motivation for a Tobacco-Free You

For the smoker who has tried literally everything

Patches, pills, therapy, hypnosis – you name it, they’ve probably done it all in attempt to quit smoking. When someone who uses tobacco embarks on their quit journey, it can be a strenuous process of highs and lows as they find what works and what can help them quit for good. That’s where MO: Motivation For a Tobacco-Free You comes to play.

MO was developed to give smokers who may have failed prior cessation attempts an engaging and inspiring chance to beat the odds. By creating an app that is supportive, easy to use, and convenient for their lifestyle, MO goes beyond telling people who smoke why smoking is dangerous. The app guides and motivates them on what they can do to quit for good.


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    • Client FTTC
    • Date October 1, 2018
    • Tags Mobile Apps