Dawn Repola


For nearly 30 years, Dawn has been involved in bringing “the new” to healthcare. A serial entrepreneur and proven executive, she’s spent her career working with stakeholders on the leading edge of healthcare. As co-founder of MACH, Dawn is bringing important healthcare education to a broad population. She believes that digital health initiatives can help stimulate meaningful behaviorread more

Paul Brunetta, MD

Founder & Scientific Advisor

Paul Brunetta, MD, is the Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor behind Mobile Applications for Connected Health. Dr. Brunetta, a pulmonologist and former smoker, has a deep medical knowledge of tobacco-related diseases and for the past 20 years has contributed to expanding tobacco education and smoking cessation services at UCSF. He brings 16 years of biotechnology drug developmentread more

Andrew Sykes

Founder & Actuarial/Behavior-Modification Advisor

Andrew Sykes, Co-Founder, Actuarial and Behavior-Modification Advisor and Board Director Andrew is the Founder and Chairman of Health at Work Wellness Actuaries, where his team works with organizations to specify and implement highly successful wellness programs. He has started and run successful companies in the US, South Africa and Brazil, and is a qualified actuaryread more