Mobile Applications for Connected Health

Developing mHealth applications to help people live healthier lives

With the evolution of health care from “sick care” to wellness and prevention, there is a need for effective mobile health management tools. Everything MACH does is based on scientific and clinical evidence that supports positive health outcomes for patients, providers, and payers.

MACH is currently seeking grant & investment funding for development & commercialization efforts.

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The Team

The multidisciplinary team at MACH includes personnel experienced and adept at product development, including clinical, technical, and content development; commercialization, including sales, partnering, marketing, and administration; investment, including capitalization strategy, fundraising, and finance.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating validated products that support behavior change when, where, and how consumers need it. MACH’s initial efforts are to develop, test, and commercialize the first clinically validated smoking cessation mobile system.

MO: Motivation for a Tobacco-Free You

Giving smokers a reason to not only believe they can quit, but the power to conquer their smoking habit for good.

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